Auberge du Pont d'Arc

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Auberge du Pont d'Arc

Auberge du Pont d'Arc - Restaurant - Vallon-Pont-d'Arc

Our business is passion At Labeled "Taste Ardeche" and step savoureuse.Seul restaurant opposite the listed site of Pont d'Arc and the Chauvet cave recently discovered, and located in the old meander of the Ardeche in a unique setting amid vineyards and ample parking verts.Un oaks, at the same level, has easy parking and bus access to people handicapés.Nous ardéchoise serve traditional menu that specializes in fresh regional products. Domestic capacity is 120 people and 250 people on our extensive shaded terraces, very pleasant from June to septembre.Notre team will receive you to let you remember a good day, and a good dining experience at the Auberge du Pont-d'Arc.

The Restaurant is open from 01 April to 15 October each year.

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